About us

Isshin Aikido: an Aikido dojo in Be’er Sheva

Isshin Aikido is a school of Aikido for children and adults located in the sports hall of Dganya school, Jabotinsky St. 19, Be’er Sheva, in the Gimmel neighborhood near Ben-Gurion University, Soroka hospital, as well as the city center.

מיקום של בית ספר דגניה
בית ספר דגניה

Isshin Aikido affiliations

We train under the auspices of Israel Aikikai, the Aikido federation that is approved by the worldwide Aikikai foundation centered in hombu dojo, Tokyo.  It is loosely affiliated with Matsatake Dojo of Rehovot, whose Sensei, Ze’ev Erlich, provides direction and guidance to a number of dojos in Israel. A list of other dojos can be found at this link.

Isshin Aikido training style

Opher Donchin
Opher Donchin in his nidan exam

The training at Isshin Aikido is informed by multiple sources. Ze’ev Erlich follows Katsuyuki Shimamoto shihan(8th dan) and Fukakusa Motohiro Shihan (8th dan). In addition to traditional Aikikai, there is significant influence from Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, under Mistugi Saotome shihan (8th dan), as well as an openness to other influences. The central instructor at Isshin Aikido is Opher Donchin who received his first dan from Seidokan Aikido, his second dan from Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, and his third dan from Aikikai. Isshin Aikido is not a dojo that focuses on purity of style.

Isshin dojo brings people together

Isshin Aikido means One Heart Aikido. Isshin dojo finds its home in the sports hall of Be’er Sheva’s bilingual school and has, as a goal, to bring together diverse groups for common collaborative training. We work with Arabs and Jews, with the secular and religious, and with all ends of the political spectrum. In our dojo, we recognize that conflict and opposition are habits of thought. Compassion, awareness of our partners, and creation of common ground are alternative habits of thought that we strive to develop. We believe that self-protection is best served by taking care of others, too, and not only ourselves.

Group picture
Isshin Aikido group picture

Isshin dojo welcomes everyone

Training at Isshin Dojo is fundamentally physical and intense. Habits of thought develop through practice. While we strive for an Aikido that is physically demanding, we also make a place for everyone, at whatever age and whatever level of physical fitness and whatever physical limitations they bring with them. The key thing is to give training a try. If you enjoy it, the dojo will welcome you just as you are.