Aikido lessons in Isshin Aikido Dojo in February

Hello everyone!

On Thursday, we will have class as usual.

Next week, I’ll be abroad and there will be some changes in the classes.

After next week, we return to classes as usual.
On Tuesday next week, no children’s class. Arnon will lead the adult class.

On Thursday next week, children’s class will be at 18: 30. The adult class will be at the usual time. Harel Avrutsky will teach both classes. He is coming from a long way away and an amazing teacher with beautiful Aikido, so I hope everyone makes a special effort to come to class next Thursday. Also, I would like the children to make an effort to bring their uniform (gi) next Thursday.

Harel Avrutsky trained for many years under Ze’ev Erlich and helped teach the children’s class regularly. He received his third dan from Mishimoto Shihan. Today he has his own dojo, Shobu Dojo, in Hod Hasharon. You can see the Facebook page of his dojo this link.

Thank you and see you on Thursday and then on Tuesday in two weeks!


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