Mune tsuki

What is mune tsuki

Mune tsuki is a punch to the abdomen. In our dojo, mune tsuki starts in ai hanmi. Uke takes a step forward and strikes with the arm that is now the forward arm. The first rotates from a “knuckles down” posture when the arm is by the hip to a knuckles up strike.

The non-striking arm generally begins along the center line before the body is retracted to balance the extension of the punching arm. This also creates a natural preparation for a second blow.

In Aikido, we generally aim for the stomach area. This makes the blow less dangerous and allows us to train with more realistic speed and force.

Mune tsuki is one of a number of tsuki (strike) attacks that are practiced in Aikido, but it is by far the most common.

It was hard to find good demonstrations of a basic punch on you-tube.

Mune tsuki kotagayesh


They do a standing pin where we do a sitting pin.


The biggest different is in the position he takes when doing the kotagaeshi.

Mune tsuki iriminage

Iriminage can be long or short. The short for is quite common for mune tsuki with a direct irimi entrance as demonstrated here by Yamada shihan of New York

A lovely long version is here by Tissier Sensei of France