Shomen uchi

Basics of shomen uchi

Shomen uchi (literally front or forehead strike) is a blow to the center of the head. It is one of the three primary strikes in Aikido.

Key points to remember when doing shomen uchi:

  1. Start in gyaku hanmi. Take one step and strike in ai hanmi.
  2. The front foot goes directly towards the uke, not off to the side
  3. The striking hand stays on the midline. It is raised up the midline and comes down on the midline.
  4. Do not lift up the back heel
  5. Cut through the head. Do not stop at or before the nage.
  6. Keep your hand soft. There is no need to strike hard

Below is a video that shows shomen uchi with some good advice on how to practice it.

Shomen uchi irimi nage

Irimi nage, as usual, can be done with a short form or a long form. Here is a video of the short form

Shomen uchi kote-gaeshi

Seki shihan has been giving seminars in Israel for many, many years. His style is clean and clear. The video below is beautiful in its repetition, but it also makes clear what the steps are for both the omote and ura versions of shomen uchi kote-gaeshi.


Shomen uchi ushiro kiri otoshi

A throw where you get behind uke and then unbalance by lifting up and back on the shoulders. This is a lovely video of a young girl working out with two older women.